Brand: Kayigo

Kayıgo Cactus XL Lavender Filled Yellow Notepad

$66.00 USD
Category: Accessory

Specially designed wooden organizers, which will save you from constantly searching for the items accumulated on your desk, will keep you away from clutter and confusion and allow you to find everything easily.

The Lavender Filled cactus will remind you of your notes in a healthy and fun way, and will allow you to find your jewelry and accessories easily. To intensify the antiviral and calming lavender scent, squeeze your cactus and crush lavender.




Filling: 2020 Harvest Lavender

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Base: Solid Wood


Width: 9.5 cm

Height: 20 cm

Height: 28 cm


Cotton cactus with fresh dried lavender filling

and solid wood. Hang your notes, jewelry and

put on your accessories! antiviral and tranquilizer

to intensify the lavender scent,

Crush the lavender by squeezing your cactus.