Brand: Artepera

Artepera Wall Art Let's Dance

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Category: Wall Art

Product Size:

31 x 95 cm - 2.5 Kg - 1.5 mm metal

The product is ready to hang on the wall, no installation required.

You can easily hang the metal painting with a single nail or screw.



Styrofoam and cardboard are used in the box to protect the product against scratches and external effects. Packaging is sturdy enough for safe deliveries.



Our products are made of high quality steel and painted with electrostatic powder paint, this paint protects the product against corrosion. However, when exposed to heavy snow and rain outdoors, it may start to rust after a while. Therefore, it is not suitable for outdoor use.



Cleaning our products is very simple. First clean the surface of the product with a damp soft cloth, then dry it with a soft cloth to prevent water marks. Do not use chemicals while cleaning. Remember that hard polishing will damage the surface.