Brand: Eklektik Mood

Mood Rio Luxury Wooden Football Table Oak

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Category: Game

Rio Foosball Table, which is the favorite of loft architecture, is ready to be integrated into industrial interiors with the striking harmony of wooden body and metal legs.

Enjoy the fierce of competition.

Experience the pinnacle of foosball with our Luxury Foosball Table Designs.

Meticulously crafted with attention to every detail, this table combines exquisite design with uncompromising performance.

The solid wood construction, coupled with high-quality metal rods and precision bearings, ensures smooth and precise game-play.

With its elegant aesthetics and superior functionality, our Rio Luxury Foosball Table is the perfect centerpiece for your game room, evoking a sense of refinement and excitement.

Play-field Dimensions:



Width: 112cm

Length: 150cm

Height: 90cm

Packed Dimensions:

170 x 130 x 36cm