Brand: Acoustibox

Acoustibox Walnut Bluetooth Speaker

€890,00 EUR
Category: Speaker

With its stylish design, high-quality materials and excellent sound quality, Acoustibox Bluetooth speaker has been produced to add a different touch to the living spaces of music lovers by combining the timeless design of gramophone and bluetooth technology.

Design Materials: Wood & Metal

Weight: 4kg

Dimensions: Length: 25cm Width: 15cm Height: 40cm


Designing experiences, not just the product

We are trying to design experiences rather than just a product.

Always striving to create more magical, intuitive and inspiring audio visual experiences



Rich, soul-stirring and full of finesse.

Doesn’t matter where you place it, still fills every corner of your room with warm, rich sounds.



An instant eye-catcher

We designed the Acoustibox like a beautiful piece of furniture with carefully selected materials and extreme attention to detail. The result is an iconic piece of music design you can put on display anywhere thanks to its interchangeable magnetic wooden frame and metal horn.



A seamless piece of beauty.

Crafted in high-grade metal and top notch wooden with incredible attention to detail. But our material choice go well beyond aesthetics. It also provides superior acoustic properties thanks to its material stiffness and seamless surfaces that eliminate any distortion of your sound



An exciting speaker for both the eyes and ears from every angle. However, our material choices are not only important aesthetically but also for providing superior acoustic properties.  With their solid built and smooth surfaces that eliminate any sound distortion, they offer superior performance to transmit your sound accurately.


Decorate your space with beautiful sound

Acoustibox is designed like a beautiful piece of furniture with carefully selected materials and uncompromising attention to detail. As a result, an iconic music design that can be displayed anywhere has emerged.

Wood & Metal




Acoustibox speakers with the perfect harmony of wood and metal materials add a modern touch to your home with their minimalist design and impressive performance. They provide a powerful sound experience with a 2×2” full-range speaker configuration and a 2x50W amplifier.

Recommended Room Size
5-30m2 Speaker
Configuration 2×2” Full Range
Bass Capacity 88 dB
Frequency Range 26-23,000 Hz